Steph Mazanowski


about me

MazPix is a mobile photography studio owned and operated by Steph Mazanowski in Bloomington, IL servicing the Central Illinois area. I graduated from Illinois State University in May of 2002 with an Accounting degree and spent 8 years as an accountant before having the courage to step away from the field to pursue my true passion. Life is too short to not love what you do.

I have always loved photography, sports and children, so decided to combine the my loves and now specialize in photography for children, sports, and families. I have 11 years of professional photography, editing, and training experience. Through all of that, I am very confident in my abilities and have developed the skills necessary to provide you with quality photographs and efficient editing. I bring an enormous level of creativity, passion, and playfulness to every photo shoot and have an eye for that special moment composing it in a meaningful way which translates into one of a kind photos of your loved ones.

I realize that getting a child's pictures taken in a 'sit & smile' format can be a stressful event for both the child and the parents. I have a knack with the kiddos and they tend to warm up to me very quickly. I also know that the men in your lives typically don't want anything to do with having to smile through a family photo shoot, so I work quickly, efficiently and love to make it fun and painless. :). With MazPix, it's all about the experience and capturing your family's personality.

Being a parent, I know first hand how quickly time passes by. With the simple tick of a clock, a first smile or first step becomes history. I have been known to be a 'photo freak' or 'camera happy', but that's ok because having a camera within arms reach at all times has allowed me to capture those moments. It's heartwarming and brings a smile to my face every time I go back and look at them. Children change so much with each passing day. I have also been trusted and blessed with the opportunity to stop time for families under not so happy circumstances. Those reasons alone remind me that life is too short and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Let me help you capture the important stages of your family's life so you can look back years from now and remember those special moments too.

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