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Personalized, Trendy, Creative & Fun!


Calling all of you with upcoming seniors!! I’m here to stop time for you!

I bring 16 years of experience with me to what I promise to be a fun, low-stress and creative photoshoot.


(For those of you with boys who are kicking and screaming, not wanting pics, book me anyway, they just might accidentally enjoy it).

I’m comfortable in any lighting scenerio and I’ll pull out those natural smiles. I love incorporating hobbies or athletics with some outside-of-the box ideas that make for great artistic keepsakes.

Every kiddo is different and comfortable in different poses and settings, so we just flow and I let them be themselves and I adjust when necessary to put them in comfortable, flattering poses that work for their own demeanor which usually results in stellar pics that capture their true personality!

And …. I won’t charge you their arm or their leg.

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